Maryland's Controversial Recruit Tyree Evans Asks to Be Released

As FanHouser Nathan Fowle touched on yesterday, the debate whether the Maryland Terrapins should keep recruit Tyree Evans has ended. Evans has asked to be released from his letter of intent and will look to go to school elsewhere.

This is a bittersweet moment for Terps fans as Evans would have contributed immediately. He was a star high school prospect and a JUCO star at Motlow State CC (as well as others). However, he has more baggage than a former Disney teen star.

Evans has bounced around schools over the past several years and has had some serious off-court issues. He was charged with felony possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute (he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and grabbed a suspended 12-month jail bid). He also pleaded guilty to a reduced assault-related misdemeanor for his involvement (with others) in the statutory rape of a 15-year old classmate. He also has a trespassing case as well as another marijuana charge -- this one with him possessing a handgun.

There was quite a debate around College Park about Evans and if he should even be there. Coach Gary Williams was in his corner, but the heat was apparantly too much to take. His prep coach, Bobby Steinburg, discussed this move with Evans.

"Hearing about all that stuff and people started telling him, it was just constantly a struggle. It seemed like every day it was something new," Steinburg said. "He and I just talked about it two days ago and said, 'Let's go ahead and opt out.'

"It's not like he's going to have trouble finding another place."

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