Maryland Finally Finds a Player Who Can Qualify Academically for College

We've all been a bit rough on the Maryland Terrapins basketball program of late. Whether it is someone transferring or someone wanting to be released from their committment or another just can't qualify to attend the school ... something is very broke in College Park.

Well, there is some good news! They've finally found someone who did qualify academically to be on the team: Sean Mosely.

Kathleen Worthington, Maryland's senior associate athletic director, said yesterday that she has seen Mosley's recent SAT and ACT scores and believes the 6-foot-4 guard from St. Frances will be approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse this summer.

"From the information that we received, we feel confident that he is going to qualify," Worthington said.

It's the first piece of good news recently for Maryland coach Gary Williams, who in the past six weeks has seen two potential starters, center Gus Gilchrist and guard Tyree Evans, ask to be released from their scholarship commitments.

That's pretty sad when you are celebrate finding someone who can actually be a student-athlete at your school. Maryland is a great school ... so it isn't like anyone can get in. However, you'd figure that the same regime that has been there for years would know what kind of kids they should go after.

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