Macklin Leaves a Hole in Georgetown

With the graduation of Roy Hibbert and Patrick Ewing, Jr., no player stood to benefit more than Vernon Macklin. The sophomore power forward would likely pick-up a lot more minutes. With two years of the John Thompson III's Princeton Offense under his belt, he would have an edge in knowledge and experience over the incoming, talented front court players of Greg Monroe, Chris Braswell and Henry Sims.

Instead, the former McDonald's All-American has made a very curious decision. He's transferring. There's no indication where, but it has to be assumed that he will be staying in Division I and will have to sit out next year.

Macklin showed flashes this season of his potential but wasn't consistent. The decision for the transfer apparently had to do with Macklin feeling that he should be more of the focus of the team.

Rather, Macklin's decision was based on the advice of those inside his circle but outside the program that his growth as a player was being stunted at Georgetown.

Said the source: "Ticket [Macklin's nickname] chose to listen to what he wanted to hear from some folks outside the program, rather than what he needed to hear from those within it. When expectations don't meet reality, the hardest thing to do is point the finger at yourself."

When Macklin picked Georgetown, it was over ACC schools: UNC, Georgia Tech, Maryland and Wake Forest. Expect a few of them to make a play for Macklin. As will Nebraska.

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