Love Means Business, Bloodies Mad Dog

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Kevin Love hasn't lost his Lake Oswego swag yet, despite popping up a few weight classes to the NBA. Reporter-on-the-ground Mark Madsen (a nominal Timberwolf) reports on his blog that Love is flexing his power in early practices in Minnesota (via Canis Hoopus):

Yes, this was the first time that I got to meet Kevin Love. The man who used to terrorize my Stanford Cardinal basketball team in his one year at UCLA. Well, on the last play of the day, Kevin Love went up for a dunk. I tried to block it and the next thing I knew I was making two unexpected trips after practice.

1) To team physician Sheldon Burns (he is also the USA Basketball head physician) to get 12 stitches in my chin,

2) To visit Matthew Alm of Brookside Dental (Minneapolis), to get my front tooth popped back into place.

Mad Dog just can't catch a break. Last summer, a vicious (I guess) jet ski accident left Madsen for dead (in Randy Wittman's eyes). This year, he gets his chops literally busted by a fricking rookie. No respect! And really, why wouldn't someone respect Mad Dog Madsen? I can't think of any reason at all.

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