Kosuke Fukudome Apologizes To Cubs Fans

Kosuke Fukudome seems like he's about to become Cubs outcast No. 1. If Cubs fans have anyone to direct their ire at this year, it might be, say, Ryan Dempster -- his sudden collapse was first among many -- but Fukudome's horrible second half and visibly ugly playoffs, including a derisive quote from Lou Piniella, could make him 2008's unofficial Cubs scapegoat.

But at least he gets it. Instead of giving some unfeelingly jocky quote about better luck next year, Fukudome apologized to Cubs fans, albeit meekly:

Nor did it seem to surprise him that he eventually was booed. ''It's good the fans are honest and straight with us,'' Fukudome said. He even issued an apology. ''I'm sorry that I disappointed some fans who had really high regards for me,'' he said.

Aww. Isn't that nice? Now that's out of the way, Fukudome can get back to figuring out what's wrong with his swing, which, he mentioned, never felt right all year, even when he was hitting the ball. Good news! The one part of the season that Fukudome actually looked like a major league hitter, by his estimation, he was just getting lucky.

What else could go wrong? Next thing you'll tell me Rich Harden is hurt agai -- oh. Right.

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