Kimbo Slice: ‘David Blaine Is an Amazing Guy … I Gave Him a Good Gut Shot'

Kimbo Slice appeared on ESPN First Take this morning to promote Saturday night's fight with Ken Shamrock, but before talking about the fight, he talked about this:

That was Kimbo punching David Blaine, and he says he's still not sure how Blaine withstood it.

"That was actually real -- David Blaine, I must say, is an amazing guy," Kimbo said today. "He did things in front of me that I'm still baffled by. I gave him a good gut shot. I thought he was going to sit down off that but then he took another one. He actually took two of them."

Kimbo also talked on ESPN about Shamrock, James Thompson and Chuck Liddell.

Of his most recent fight, Kimbo said, "James Thompson, he was younger, he was bigger, he was stronger, he had way more skills than I did ... I realized in that fight that I had heart."

Of Shamrock, Kimbo said, "I'm from the ground and I'm not planning to go back to the ground, so Shamrock better have some kind of invisible source to get me to the ground."

And of Liddell -- who has derided Kimbo as nothing but a street brawler, Kimbo said, "Chuck, you're absolutely right. I am a little bit more than a street fighter. I am now a professional MMA fighter. Chuck and I never had a war of words. I'm a big fan of Chuck. I like watching him fight. I've learned a lot from watching him."

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