Kim Couture Rips EliteXC for Making Gina Carano Get Naked, Paying Her $25,000

Kim Couture, the wife of UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture and a sometime fighter herself, is the latest person in the MMA community to have harsh words for EliteXC this week, telling Steve Cofield that the organization's treatment of Gina Carano is unacceptable:

"I do believe that Gina is probably the biggest draw that they have in EliteXC," Couture said. "Her pay, I think it was $25,000, I think she deserves more."

Couture then turned to the subject of Carano getting naked for her weigh-in, and she said she didn't understand why the promoters and the Florida Boxing Commission couldn't let Carano weigh-in privately, not in front of a crowd and shielded only by towels.

Couture even went so far as to accuse EliteXC promoter Jared Shaw of attempting to look over the towels to look at Carano naked.

"I feel bad that she had to do that," Couture said. "I think they could have handled it differently. ... She would have much rather had me up there then Jared Shaw -- Skala -- in the background trying to peek over the towel. I thought that was pretty low. Yeah, he's got a little bit of an obsession with Gina Carano, as most guys do. He was trying to sneak a peek. It was ridiculous."

Obviously, that's an extremely serious accusation, but this week, we've had nothing but extremely serious accusations against EliteXC.

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