John Harbaugh Learns About Coaching in the NFL: You Lose, You're Wrong. Always.

Somewhere last night, Marty Mornhinweg might have been watching Monday Night Football. And might have had a 'Nam-esque flashback.

Faced with the same decision coaches have been faced with thousands of times throughout NFL history, Mornhinwheg infamously opted to kick after winning a coin toss to start overtime as coach of the Lions, the disastrous cherry on top of an otherwise maligned tenure, and one that probably directly led to his dismissal. Oh, the Lions eventually lost that game in overtime, by the way. Yet there was Ron Jaworski during last night's game between the Steelers and Ravens, advocating Ravens coach John Harbaugh doing the same. He didn't. Oh, the Ravens lost the game in overtime as well, by the way.

Criticism for Mornhinwheg's decision was warranted; it was nearly unprecedented and wholly ridiculous. But those blaming Harbaugh's "conservative" choice to receive instead of kicking and playing the field position game for the Ravens loss (and there are more than a few out there) are further proof that people absolutely love to complain. I don't care that the Ravens' offense is lacking and the game was high on defense. If you can't trust your offense to get into field goal range to win the game (regardless of whether the cynicism is founded), something is clearly wrong.

Harbaugh didn't lose last night's game, he made an automatic choice. Those looking to blame have many more legitimate targets. Try Joe Flacco and his poor ball control, or the Republicans in Washington (that always seems to work).

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