John Daly Has His Ex-Wife Arrested for Allegedly Stealing His Cell Phone

John Daly, fresh off an impressive Ryder Cup performance -- oh, wait, wrong redneck; Daly is the self-destructive one who has wasted gobs of golfing ability to travel the country in search of the best Hooter's wings. My bad, Boo.

Whatever, Daly, a two-time major winner who has been without his PGA Tour card for two years now, has had his former old lady arrested on charges that she stole his cell phone from his RV. Somehow seems fitting.

Olive Branch Police Maj. Mark Kimbell said Sherrie Daly, 32, had cooperated in an investigation that followed John Daly's complaint filed early June. He said she surrendered Friday when told there was a warrant for her arrest and was freed on $500 bond.

Kimbell said Friday that John Daly had called police about 2:20 a.m. on June 4 to complain that the cell phone had been stolen from a bus parked behind the John Daly Bar & Grill in Olive Branch.

"He believed the phone had come up missing sometime during the night after his ex-wife had left the bus," Kimbell said. He said John Daly had told investigators he believed Sherrie Daly took the phone.

Ah, yes, the John Daly Bar & Grill, where everybody who's anybody goes to be seen in Olive Branch. No idea why Daly's ex-wife was even on the "tour bus," particularly since she was involved in the whole sordid "JD cat-scratched himself to make it look like Sherrie attacked him" ordeal last year.

In any event, this story has a happy ending: Daly got his phone, his ex is free on $500 bond, and nobody got their eyes gouged out. That's makes for a pretty good night at the John Daly Bar & Grille.

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