Joe Theismann Is Unimpressed With Chris Cooley's Nakedness

Last week, the Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg had the pleasure of talking with former Redskins great and Mr. Tony adversary, Joe Theismann. It was a wide-ranging discussion that, as Dan writes, touched on everything from politics to the Redskins to Chris Cooley's private parts. Because, really, no conversation about the 'Skins is complete without a mention of Cooley's man bits.

For the uninitiated, Cooley, Washington's Pro Bowl tight end, "accidentally" photographed his penis in a recent post on his blog. (Hey, it happens. I guess). He promptly apologized and took down the image, but head coach Jim Zorn still had to explain to his players why it's generally a bad idea to post your junk (or the team playbook) online.

Predictably, Theismann had some thoughts on Cooley's nekkidness:

" I haven't seen [the photos of Cooley's wang] but I've heard about it. It's inexcusable. Chris's situation is inexcusable....First of all, how can you put something on a blog, a picture. It's your blog. It's got your name on it. It's just like having a sign out front that says 'This is mine,' and not be responsible for its content. Especially when you know so many kids look at it, men and women. That was totally, totally irresponsible."

To be fair, it's sorta hard to put a sign on your stuff that says "This is mine" and then not be responsible for, um, it's content. Travis Henry can attest to DNA testing ruining any chance of that.

Theismann also reports that none of his teammates would've done what Cooley did, presumably because, at that point, the internet was a just a series of tubes used primarily by eggheads to talk about Dungeons and Dragons. But he does admit that those Redskins teams of the '80s were wild and crazy.

"We had parties Tuesday night, we used to have our own parties at our own bars where it was just us. It was guys night out. I'll leave it at that, let your imagination run wild, ok?

Okay. Duly noted.

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