Joe Kinnear Lets it Fly

If you were a betting man, how could you think anything would top Al Davis' evisceration of Lane Kiffin Tuesday afternoon. As far as the standard, boring press conferences go, this one was going to be tough to beat, right?

It didn't take long, but Newcastle United caretaker manager Joe Kinnear channeled Lenny Bruce, Sam Kinison with maybe a dash of Jason Statham to British things up. At his first official press conference at St. James Park Thursday, Kinnear ripped away at the press and, apparently, let another comedian's famous riff -- George Carlin's 'Seven Dirty Words' -- be damned.

For a full transcript of the rant, click here. The language is a little blue, but it's absolutely priceless stuff. It makes the Oklahoma State football coach's rant at a couple reporters last fall seem like mere child's play.

I suppose if you were a fan of the Magpies at this point you don't know whether to laugh or cry. Your beloved club has lost four-straight Premier League matches and has a clueless owner -- Mike Ashley -- ready to sell the club to the highest bidder. Now your manager -- tasked with keeping the club from relegation -- opens his first press conference with a curse-filled tirade at the media.

Imagine if this happened in the States. Skip Bayless' head would certainly explode and the ESPN beep-machine would probably catch on fire.

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