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I know how you think, loyal Fanhouse reader. You like your beer cold, TV loud and your summer spent analyzing who this year's sleeper pick is in the ACC. While I suppose Wake Forest could be disqualified on account of actually being good and being ranked, there was some subterranean noise that North Carolina and Georgia Tech could supplant supposed frontrunner Virginia Tech on account of the following bulletproof logic: their coaches could turn it around quicker than we originally thought and they have very manageable schedules. Heavy analysis, that. But more accurately, it felt like those schools were given a go because Virginia Tech's got a Spurs thing going on where you're foolish to really bet against them (at least in the divisional/conference setting) until proven otherwise, regardless of how loathesome they are to watch.

Well, you'd better hope Miami's huge win this weekend isn't the result of Texas A&M being the Virginia of this year's Big XII (i.e., the team that's finally going to allow that other team to not finish in last), because VT's already done the heavy lifting, beating both UNC and GT with typically functional 20-17 victories. But while it was heartening to see the squad rally against a Tar Heels squad that seemed wholly unable to realize their own success, there's still plenty of questions that the Hokies need to handle, mainly "is Tyrod Taylor really going to hold it together" and "if they ended up in the Orange Bowl against the #2 Big XII team again, could they keep it within 50?"

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