How Paralympian Josh George Inspired a FanHouse Marathoner

by This Suit Is Not BlackFanHouse blogger "This Suit Is Not Black" recently completed the New York City Marathon, but the highlight of her weekend might have actually been the time she got to spend with Olympic paralympian Josh George. Here are TSIB's thoughts on meeting the inspiring 24-year-old athlete.

It's Sunday, November 2, 2008, a day I'll forever remember as the day I finished the New York City Marathon a mere 2 hours and 23 minutes behind Paula Radcliffe -- doubling her winning time to the minute (and for this, my mother couldn't be more proud).

But at 5:55 AM, that's not what I'm thinking about. I'm thinking about the young man I'm walking past who looks a lot like Olympic athlete Josh George, the 24-year-old I spoke with over the phone on Friday. I've only seen him in pictures, but it could be him. It looks just like him. I have five minutes before my bus boards so I take my chance and approach him as he mills about with his fellow racers.

It is him, so I don't have to slink away embarrassed, thank goodness. We shake hands, exchange pleasantries -- he comes across just as kind in person as he did on the phone -- and then we part. I quickly add a, "Good luck!" as I turn to walk away, but then remember that luck is one of the last things he needs. People like me need luck to win (or just finish, really). George, on the other hand, has been training for this his entire life.

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