Houston Texans Oktoberfest: A Way to Get Out of 0-3 Hole?

The Houston Texans are marketing the next four home games in the newspaper and online as "Texans Oktoberfest." When I first saw the Texans most road September schedule and home October schedule, I thought it might be a little rough on the team, and to tailgaters' livers.

Well, my first prediction on the tough early schedule came true, with the 0-3 start, complicated with the Hurricane Ike bye week. The health status of tailgaters' livers is up in the air. The re-arranged hurricane results in four home games in a row, so I'm guessing fans better pace themselves in the parking lots.

Typically, under Gary Kubiak, the Texans have played much better at home than on the road. They were 6-2 at home last year, and generally, as I point out in my new Houston Chronicle Texans Chick blog, have had their least competitive games on the road. Even with the Colts nicked up, this next game should be a significant challenge for the Texans given that they have only won a single game against them in their history.

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