Gina Carano: Kimbo Slice Is Just Starting, Can't Be Compared to Top 10 Heavyweights

When Gina Carano talked to, she didn't feel the need to toe the EliteXC company line when it comes to Kimbo Slice:

Asked how Kimbo compares to Top 10 heavyweights like Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko, Carano acknowledged that there is no comparison.

"I think that he's starting out and so he can't be compared to those guys yet because those guys are veterans in the sport," Carano said. "Those guys have been in the sport forever, they helped build the sport. Kimbo's definitely on his way, I'd say, and I think he's got a lot of potential and I think that he's shown a lot of improvement. You can't really compare somebody who's just getting into this sport with someone who helped build the sport."

Obviously, Carano is right, but I'm guessing EliteXC would prefer that she pretend that Kimbo is the best fighter in the world.

As for her fight with Kelly Kobold on Saturday night, Carano said, "I'm focused and ready to fight. I wish the fight was now. I'm just ready to go."

And asked the question that thousands of men have wondered, Carano said this about her romantic life: "I date, but I'm single. My career is my love life."

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