Gilbert Takes Photos, but Answers No Questions at Wizards' Media Day

Gilbert Arenas made an appearance at media day, but it was for photos only. He skipped out on the actual um, media portion of the commitment, and as such both he and the Wizards received $15,000 fines. The likely reason that Gilbert bailed is because he's tired of the questions about his knee. As he has said before, he can't understand why everyone is "tripping out" over his most recent surgery. But it's not like the topic never came up.

Sure, there were lighthearted stories involving wristbands and the growing out of afros. I mean, it is still the Wizards. But there were also plenty of questions about Gilbert's knee that his teammates were forced to answer, which is a position that I'm sure they would rather not have been in.

It was a thoughtless move by Gilbert -- still the team's biggest star -- to leave his teammates there answering all of the questions that he should have been there to answer himself. But it's not likely to cause any problems in that locker room. Gil is beloved by everyone in the organization, and by all the media in town as well. When he finally does meet the press (which is something he hasn't done since signing that $111 million dollar deal), I'm fairly certain all will be forgiven.


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