Getting You Ready For the Most Important Political Football Game of Our Lifetime

At some point this weekend, you probably were searching the web, most likely AOL Sports, and came across the Monday Night Football match-up. "Wow, Pittsburgh at Washington, that'll be one to make sure and get home for," you probably thought. What you didn't realize, is this might be the most important political football game in the history of the league.

See, first we have the obvious importance of a Chris Berman interview with both Barack Obama and John McCain. These are the two candidates running for the presidency and while they will most likely chuckle and raise awkward arms and emphasize nearly every important word to get a certain point across, ESPN, for a few minutes anyway, will be the most important news outlet in the world.

While I'm not exactly sure of the format, I'm assuming it will be softball-style questions about sports with a few political anecdotes added for kicks. These are a couple of questions you should assume Berman will ask.

"So John, the election might be headed one way, but how about them Arizzzzzonaaa CarRrrRRdinals?"
"Senator Obama, what is happening to your Bears?"
"Senator McCain, if you end up losing this election, will Sarah Palin head back, back, back to Alaska?"

Yep, in depth coverage.

Well, the other interesting aspect of tonight's game lies with the Washington Redskins myth. Dating back to 1936, the Redskins pre-election game has basically decided the election. The myth is this: if the Redskins win their home game before election Tuesday, the incumbent party wins the election. If Washington can't pull out the victory, the incumbent party loses.

While this myth was disproved in 2004, with Washington losing to the Packers at home only to see John Kerry fall as well, it is an interesting precursor to the football game tonight. I guarantee, at this point McCain and company could use whatever myth, genie, or Leprechaun they could get to help their chances of winning.

So, not only do the politicians have to deal with Boomer tonight, shooting them questions with random nicknames, they have to deal with the fact that a jinx might actually exist. That is, if you believe in that stuff.

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