Fred Smoot Hates the Cowboys With Every Fiber of His Being

In case you've just come out of a coma (congratulations!), or are new to our planet (welcome!), there's a pretty big NFL tackle football game this Sunday night. The Redskins will host the Cowboys, and it's fair to say that both teams aren't very fond of each other. Unofficial Redskins spokesman Fred Smoot confirms as much via the indispensable Sports Bog (see the video above, around the 1:33 mark).

"We (the Redskins players) hate Dallas," Smoot told the Bog's Dan Steinberg." ... I got family members that love Dallas so I don't even talk to them during the week. ... I got uncles that have been Cowboys fans since I was like real young and they not gonna sell out just because they nephew plays for the Redskins, they gonna keep cheering for what they do."

So there you have it. But it gets better.

Smoot was spreading the good word to the middle schools of Northern Virginia as well. Actually, this was part of some reading initiative that turned, predictably, to football. Here's Smoot's response to some preteen's question about the team's next football game:

"This week we come back and play the Cowboys, so you know what time it is," Smoot told the elementary schoolers. "I'm gonna teach y'all at a young age to hate the Cowboys." ...

[Another] kid asked Smoot about the favorite game of his career; "probably this year, when we went down to Dallas and beat the Cowboys to death," he said.

To recap: Fred Smoot really hates the Cowboys. Okay, I think I'm clear on that now.

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