Frank Trigg Says Fedor Emelianenko Has a Softer Side, Thinks He'll Fight in Japan Next

Everyone wants to know when, where and against whom Fedor Emelianenko will fight next, so when I talked to Frank Trigg today, I had to ask him that.

"My guess is New Year's Eve over in Japan for Dream," Trigg said. "That's my guess. Against whom, I'm not sure. It's Dream -- they don't have many heavyweights. If Dream falls apart then obviously the next fight for him would be in Affliction. If Affliction and EliteXC join anything could happen. There's just not a lot of good opponents left for him because the organizations he's in haven't had a lot of top heavyweights."

Trigg knows Fedor pretty well personally, and he said Fedor is a nice guy with a soft side.

"Quiet," Trigg said, when I asked him how he'd describe Fedor. "Very humble. A jokester. Smiles a lot. Better than decent English. He can communicate without a translator. I have to speak slowly to him and be more animated, wave my hands around to get my point across, but he can understand English. He's a good guy to talk to. He's not scared of sharing information with you. He'll explain the way he approaches fights, why he does things."

The soft side to Fedor is something we don't see in the ring, but it's actually quite easy to see from his interviews. He really does seem like a regular guy who just happens to be great at his job, which is beating people up.

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