Frank Caliendo Apologizes … While Still Shilling for His Show

Once upon a time, Frank Caliendo was a fairly funny fellow who did an awesome John Madden impersonation, as well as a bunch of other impersonations which were good, but nowhere near as funny because he looked nothing like the people he sounded like. Now, he's a ridiculous caricature of an overexposed semi-celebrity, entirely thanks to TBS promoting his TV show non-stop during the MLB playoffs the last two seasons. Say what you will about Frank, but at least he knows it's annoying:

"I say to those people, 'I'm sorry, but watch the show and maybe TBS wouldn't have to promote it as much,' " said the impressionist, whose sketch-comedy show's second season - with an expanded cast - premieres Oct. 21. [...]

"I think I have to go into hiding soon," laughed Caliendo, who appears on the TV spots as a blogging President Bush and NFL loud mouth John Madden ...

Holy crap, there are FrankTV ads during FRANK CALIENDO'S APOLOGY FOR THERE BEING TOO MANY FRANKTV ADS! I can't escape them. They're on during baseball, now they're invading my computer during work. Soon they'll be beamed directly in to my brain like a Futurama episode. I am now more determined than ever to never watch an episode of Caliendo's show.

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