Fire Matt Millen? Of Course! But Bill Ford Jr. Forgot to Say ‘My Dad Should Go Too'

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Yesterday William Clay Ford Jr., the son of the owner of the Detroit Lions, stated the obvious: The fans are right when they chant "Fire Millen."

But in calling for the firing of Matt Millen, the Lions' general manager, Ford Jr. forgot to say the other obvious thing: "It's my dad's fault that Millen is running the team into the ground, and my dad should go, too."

Mitch Albom writes:

Who hired Millen? Who chose him with no experience? Who gave him a fat contract? Who renewed that contract? William Clay Ford Sr. Which means you start there. After all, if your little boy walks into a crowded room and belches, it's an embarrassment to him. If he does over and over, it's on you.

Sure, Millen has the NFL's worst record during his seven-year-plus tenure. Sure, his early teams went three years without winning a road game (0-24). Sure, even Millen himself has referred to his record as "beyond awful."
But Ford Sr. keeps him.

Ford Jr. was certainly correct to call out Millen yesterday, but if he really wants to speak the truth, he'll call out his father.

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