FanHouse Welcomes You to Baseball's Playoffs With a Live Blog Marathon!

Now that the White Sox have punched their ticket to the dance, let the playoffs begin. And there will be no dipping of toes to test the water ... we're diving right in with three playoff openers in succession. Yovani Gallardo matches up with Cole Hamels as the Brewers face the Phillies at 3:00 ET, Derek Lowe and Ryan Dempster send their Dodgers and Cubs into battle at 6:30, and for you insomniacs, Californians, and Red Sox Nation citizens, it's Jon Lester vs. John Lackey to kick off the third playoff battle in five seasons between the Bosox and Halos.

FanHouse celebrates the arrival of the playoffs the only way we know how: We're live blogging it all! That's right ... join Andrew Johnson, myself, and perhaps some cameos from our team of baseball bloggers for a live blog marathon. It's baseball heaven, so with apologies to T.O., getcha popcorn ready!

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