ESPN Hires Magic Johnson for Christmas Day and Postseason Analysis

ESPN is all about making the big splash. And what's bigger than inking Earvin "Magic" Johnson to a broadcasting contract, just mere days after he blasted a pair of radio hosts for accusing him of faking AIDS?(Aside: Really, radio show people? Really?)

Answer: Not much. So it makes sense that the WWL announced today that they will employ Magic throughout the season in various roles as an NBA analyst. However, the coverage he'll provide is somewhat curious as the press release seems to indicate that he will only be working on Christmas Day and during the postseason.

"Magic has always been one of the most accomplished people in every field he has endeavored. He was an incomparable player and has become one of the best NBA analysts in the business. His unique insights, perspective and personality will be the perfect complement to Stuart (Scott), Mike (Wilbon) and Jon (Barry)," said [NORBY!] Williamson.

"I am thrilled to be a part of the ESPN family. I look forward to working with a great team and covering all the big NBA events," said Johnson. "Christmas Day can't come soon enough for me."

See what I mean? The season doesn't exactly start then. Which makes me wonder why ESPN bothered locking him up to a deal if they're only going to give him coverage twice a year.

Could it be that Magic just isn't that good? He has, after all, run one late night talk show into the ground. But if that's the case, surely ESPN wouldn't pay him money to appear on television. How-EVA, they have done things like that before, I suppose, so there's no telling.

Personally, I always enjoyed his work besides Kenny and Charles on TNT -- I don't think Magic alone is that great of an analyst, but when he's beside those two, he makes a pretty good second straight man. Or maybe anything with Barkley is funny.

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