EliteXC: Kimbo Slice Described on ESPN as ‘An Incredible Celebrity'

Kimbo Slice talked to Tony Kornheiser and Dan Le Batard on today's Pardon the Interruption:

Kornheiser doesn't know much about MMA, but he did tell Kimbo, "You are an incredible celebrity all around the country now. Everybody under the age of 30 knows exactly who you are."

Kimbo replied, "I never considered myself a celebrity. Celebrities don't go to K-Mart. Celebrities don't go to McDonald's. ... I do things the average guy does."

Le Batard is knowledgeable about the sport and has interviewed Kimbo several times, and he asked good questions about how the hard-core MMA fans view Kimbo. Kimbo's not much of a salesman, but the mere fact that a popular ESPN show is featuring Kimbo has to be good news for EliteXC.

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