EliteXC Goes Out of Business, Kimbo Slice Is Out of Work

EliteXC, the mixed martial arts organization that made a splash by putting Internet sensation Kimbo Slice on live network television, has gone out of business.

Josh Gross of Sports Illustrated reports that the organization has told his fighters that their upcoming fights are canceled. The fighters who were training for the show scheduled for November 8 are out of luck.

The record will show that the last fight in EliteXC history consisted of a mediocre MMA veteran named Seth Petruzelli knocking out Kimbo in 14 seconds. That may have been the knockout blow for EliteXC as well. Kimbo, who no longer has a promotion to fight for, is now a free agent, and thanks to that loss, he'll have a very hard time convincing any promotion to pay him to fight. Kimbo may have to go back to fighting on YouTube.

The big winner in all of this is the UFC, which is still the undisputed champion of the sport.

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