Elijah Dukes Would Like to Apologize to All His Dawgs Out There

Elijah Dukes had a bit of a meltdown on Tuesday night against the Mets ... he hit a mammoth dinger towards the parking lot, and responded by blowing a kiss to the Mets dugout. Then, after a pitch that came inside by Mike Pelfrey but didn't hit him (and after blowing a kiss towards the dugout, a drilling was certainly possible), Dukes waggled his bat towards Pelfrey and took offense to the point where he had to be calmed down by Manny Acta for a good five minutes in front of everyone in the park.

The rest of the night saw Dukes get booed by the crowd, then respond by childishly egging the crowd on ... both after scoring in the fourth and after grounding out in the ninth. Not good form by Elijah. Today, he showed contrition.

"I just wanted to apologize to my teammates and the Nationals organization and the fans for my actions in the game Wednesday. It was wrong. I basically let my emotions just get the best of me. You know, it was just tough for me to take in what I had to endure, basically, and I just shouldn't have did it and it was wrong. I wanted to apologize about it, because you know, I talked to Jim Bowden and Manny Acta and I let them know that I apologize for it, and I'll try not to let it again. And for my teammates especially, I just want to apologize again to them for my actions."

I wish he would have went into what he "had to endure". Was the Mets dugout riding him that caused him to short circuit? Was it the Shea fans? What was it that made you so agitated Elijah? Help us understand you. Let us into your heart ... dawg.

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