Eagles Get Run Over at Home by Redskins

It was a pretty great day for the city of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, none of that greatness can be attributed to its football team. For the second straight week, the Eagles offense failed to convert on short yardage plays near the goal line and it cost them the game. The Washington Redskins ran all over the Eagles and simply played like the better team today.

During his post game press conference, Donovan McNabb said that he didn't feel like the Redskins are a better team than his Eagles. Comcast analyst and serious football guru, Ray Didinger, didn't exactly agree. To paraphrase Mr Diddy, "Who went down to Dallas and came away with a win? Not you. Who came into the Linc and beat you on your home field? Who made the playoffs last season? Not you. Who has won four straight games? Not you."

Yeah, things aren't going so well for the Eagles.

The AP's Rob Maadi sums up most of Philadelphia's current sentiments on the Eagles rather succinctly.

They were the only NFC East team to miss the playoffs in 2007, finishing last for the second time in three years. With Donovan McNabb healthy coming into this season, they were hoping to make a run at the Super Bowl. Instead, they're buried in last place again.

While things on the Eagles front continue to teeter below mediocrity, the Redskins have beaten two of their biggest division rivals on the road in consecutive weeks.

Hip, hip, friggin' horray to that.

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