Donovan McNabb Loves Bruce Lee, Understands What VY Is Going Through

Filed under: , , FanHouse's Enrico Campitelli recently spoke with Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb in a wide-ranging interview, and one of the highlights has to be the in-depth discussion of how getting sacked by three Steelers was akin to Kareem kickin'-while-chillin' Bruce Lee in the chest.

I saw the play live, and the four or five subsequent replays and never once did Bruce Lee (or Kareem) enter my mind, although, after viewing the one-legged awesomeness in its entirety I sorta understand where Donovan's coming from.

In less karate-erific news, McNabb also talked about the criticism surrounding Vince Young, the Titans suddenly embattled quarterback. When asked if he could sympathize since, you know, McNabb's also dealt with the occasional critic, he offered this:

I can. I've communicated with him. It's something that everybody goes through. A lot of people may not be public with theirs. It's unfortunate the way his went about. I think he's handling it the right way. You want to continue to stay strong mentally, physically, and spiritually in the situation and stay positive and know everything is going to work out for the better.

In related news, Merril Hoge still thinks VY sucks, although he means it in the good, "soft baby" way.

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