Dodgers/Phillies: NLCS Game 4 Live Chat

I think it's pretty safe to say that tonight's Game 4 could potentially be the swing game in this year's National League Championship Series. If the Phillies win, they've got a huge 3-1 lead with Cole Hamels and two games in Citizen Bell, where they haven't lost to the Dodgers this year, looming. If the Dodgers win, the floodgates are officially open and things are moving in the wrong direction for the Phils.

The Dodgers are sending Derek Lowe out to the mound on short rest tonight, and it's a situation he's certainly been in before, pitching on short rest in the 2004 ALCS with the Red Sox. There's even some thought (or at least hope among Dodger fans) that the sinkerballer will be better on short rest. Joe Blanton takes the mound for the Phillies. He had a middling regular season, but came up very big in closing out the Brewers in the division series. Join me and my FanHouse friends after the jump as we break down the biggest National League game of the season to this point.

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