Didier Drogba and Nemanja Viidic Won't Be Exchanging Christmas Cards

by Michael Cardillo

Didier Drogba? Where to even begin? Is there a more unlikeable player in the Premiership these days?

In the span of two days we get two more reasons to loathe Chelsea's Ivorian striker. Today his former boss, Jose Mourinho labeled him a diver (along with Fernando Torres, Ronaldo and Robin van Persie.) Naturally the Special One delived in his typical smug way, which I find hilarious.

"I am no longer Chelsea manager and I don't have to defend them so I think it's correct if I say [Didier] Drogba is a diver."

Drogba, a diver? No! Get out of town.

That's sarcasm folks. Diving might not be his biggest transgression. How about Drogba's near trademarked use of his hands to knock down balls hit in his direction?

Right, the other reason Drogba has made news. In his autobiography this week he says he should have punched Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic instead of simply bitch-slapping him during the 2007-08 Champions League final in Moscow. Now the England FA want to look into those claims. (Watch the depressingly funny video here.)

"I have seen the match on video and I believe I should not have been sent off with three minutes to go. If I had punched him, I would have understood. Now I wish I had."

In any event, Drogba's probably going to incite some sort of hostilities before this current season is over. Maybe even as early as Sunday when Chelsea and Liverpool clash, depending on his health.

Stay classy, Didier.

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