Dickie V. Isn't a Fan of Manny Either, Baby!

With Manny Ramirez still in the postseason with the Dodgers, and his former team taking on the Rays, Mr. Ramirez has been quite the topic of conversation in baseball lately. Some people are remembering how great a player Manny is now that he seems to care again, and then there are others who are more focused on how Manny orchestrated his way out of Boston.

Tim McCarver was one of the latter, calling Manny's actions "despicable." Well, while that seems a bit harsh, Mr. McCarver is entitled to his opinion. Besides, who cares what Tim McCarver thinks? If you really want to know what to think of Manny you have to go to a man that knows more about baseball than anybody else: Dick Vitale.

Vitale called Terry Francona's Sox a "classy club'' and agreed with Tim McCarver's inflammatory assessment of Manny Ramirez. (Earlier this week, McCarver labeled Manny's actions before the trade "despicable.'') "I'm very upset with the way Manny carried on at the end,'' said Vitale, who'll throw out the first pitch at the Trop tomorrow. "It's absolutely unbelievable the way he orchestrated his way out of there.''

McCarver is vindicated!

Seriously, though, can we get off of Manny's case? Let's look at Manny's situation as if he were an actual human being (which I think he is) instead of being a slave to us. Now, let's say you work somewhere where you aren't happy. You hate your boss, you're not particularly fond of your co-workers, and the customers? Oh my God are they annoying.

Do you start to look for a new job? One that will make you happy? Yeah? Well then why the hell can't Manny?

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