Dave Trembley Ain't Going Nowhere; He Can't Stop Now; He's a Bad Boy For Life

Orioles manager Dave Trembley seems like a genuine fellow. His rise to Major League manager included a really, really long stop in the minors, something that might have caused other managers - or players, or umpires - to forget about their crazy dreams. But not Dave. He stuck it out. And for all his work, he got to manage ... the Baltimore Orioles. A job has never been more thankless.

Given his history and the talent level at Baltimore this year, it would have been a Tom-Nieto-at-Radio-Shack-level shame if Trembley would have lost his job so quickly. Fortunately, Dave's not going anywhere - the Orioles announced today that they'll exercise his option for 2009.

Good on 'ya, Dave! Now you can walk into the locker room blaring one of the great forgotten classics of the post-Bad Boy era. Dave Trembley's the definition of ... half man, half thug ...

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