Constructing the Yankees' 2009 Rotation

AJ Burnett

Now that Brian Cashman has signed on for three more years, it's time for the Yankees to get back to doing what they do best -- namely, throwing ungodly sums of money at players. The starting rotation needs the most attention, especially considering Chien-Ming Wang, who made all of 15 starts in 2008, is the only sure thing.

Feel free to pencil Joba Chamberlain in for a spot, though given his injury history, anything more than 20 starts should be considered gravy. Theoretically Philip Hughes and/or Ian Kennedy will contend for a spot, but only if they make huge strides over the offseason.

Andy Pettitte? As of last month he still hadn't decided if he wanted to play another year. Same goes for Mike Mussina, who told the New York Daily News yesterday he hasn't "put a timetable" on making up his mind.

So what other options are the Yankees considering? George King III of the New York Post is convinced CC Sabathia, the jewel of free agency, is headed for California, which could make A.J. Burnett the new top option.

Burnett won't officially be a free agent until he opts out of his last two years ($24 million) with the Blue Jays, but if he thinks the Yankees will make him a priority, there's little question that will happen.

Ken Davidoff of Newsday suggests the Yankees will go in a different direction, perhaps trading for Jake Peavy from the Padres. The problem with that idea?

For one, the Yankees wouldn't give up the right combination of prospects for Johan Santana last year, and Peavy's price tag is likely even higher (assuming the Padres put him on the block at all) considering he's locked up for the next four years. And secondly, even if the Yankees did open up the farm system, would Peavy waive his no-trade clause? That adds yet another wrinkle to a deal that would already require lengthy negotiations.

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