Clinton Portis Admits That Redskins Took the Rams Too Lightly

When you need some honesty in a gold and burgundy world, you just head to Clinton Portis.

Portis, who had a great game in an otherwise weird loss to the St. Louis Rams, was very candid about the Redskins mindset heading into and during the game:

"I think it's a focus thing," Portis said of today's offensive performance. "You know, the previous four games the focus was there. We knew that we couldn't go out and put ourselves in that position. We come out today and all of the sudden you start to get patted on the back and you feel like you're a better team, 'Ok, let me try to do this.' And we turn the ball over, and 'Oh, don't worry, we can come back.' And that didn't work."

"You know, we overlooked a team that came here ready to play. And me, honestly, we've been the underdogs since I've been here. And we came out with fight every game we was the underdog. Win, lose or draw, we came out to fight. So for us to expect St. Louis not to come out and fight, I don't know how we let them shock us like that."

Portis rushed for 129 yards and two touchdowns so there are hardly any fingers pointed his way. He is right. This team was uncharacteristically careless with fumbles, dropped passes, missed assignements and an overall lack of concentration.

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