Chinese Ping Pong Gold Medalist Pees Outside Bar, Reportedly Fights Bouncer

The problem with being a celebrity, here in America or anywhere really, is that people are always looking to bust you doing stuff. Perhaps you're Alex Rodriguezenjoying an evening of Madonna's music. Or Britney Spears trying to sneak 40 gallons of Red Bull and 3,000 bags of Cheetos into her home under the cover of dark*.

Or, maybe you're just a gold medalist ping pong baller from China who wanted to urinate outside a karaoke club.

China's national table tennis team will give Olympic medalist Wang Hao counselling after he reportedly got into a fight with a security guard for trying to stop him from urinating outside a karaoke club.

Local media reports last week quoted witnesses as saying that the two-time Olympic singles silver medallist had emerged drunk from a karaoke club on Thursday and come to blows with the security guard when he tried to urinate outside the building.

"I am the famous Wang Hao! I am the world champion! Does it matter if I beat you?" shouted the 24-year-old, according to a witness quoted by the papers.

Now, I understand that there may be some serious translation issues at hand here. But I really hope not, because I love the idea of someone famous yelling "Do you know who I am???" as they're being dragged away from the front of a karaoke club.

And in fairness, the manager of the Chinese team has said there was no fight and that Wang had "just an argument" with the bouncer ... although there hasn't been any denial of the urination. Wang is also blaming the incident on the loss he took this past weekend. So, the lesson: as always, avoid urinating outside nightclubs.

*May not have actually happened.

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