Cardinals to Fans: Please Don't ‘Sell Out'

The Arizona Cardinals are atop the NFC West after five weeks, an incredibly rare occurrence. Having the Dallas Cowboys come to town with a flock of fans isn't exactly the ideal situation for the team struggling to shed the perennial loser tag. Ken Whisenhunt hopes the hometown faithful resist the temptation to nab the big bucks and watch the game from the comfort of home:

"I know from people having discussed this with me, that this is something that's happened in the past here and I hope all our fans hold onto their tickets and support us. We have another good team coming in this weekend, and it's definitely to our advantage to have the crowd behind us."

Kurt Warner agrees, but he was a bit more blunt:

"I think it stinks," he said Monday. "It's always hard to tell somebody not to sell something when they can make money on it. But we want our advantage. We've fought hard for that. The fans have done a tremendous job sticking with us and now we're developing something. I just hope we can get to the point where it doesn't matter who comes into this building.

"Whether half the town is from Dallas or anywhere else, Chicago or whatever, that somehow we can turn them into Cardinals fans to the point they say, 'I don't care what you're offering me, I want to go see my Cardinals play.' "

I agree, Cardinals fans. You've waited so long for a winner, and now it looks like you've got one. Go enjoy your team.

Plus, call me crazy ... but I believe the Cardinals are going to win that game. Consider:

- The Cowboys have looked vulnerable the past two weeks at home, including last week against the lowly Bungles.
- The Cardinals are a machine at home. They've outscored their two opponents 72-27 at home this year. Oh sure, Cowboys fans will be quick to say something about them playing the Dolphins or beating the Bills without their QB ... which is fine, because the Dolphins have played very solid defense in their three games not in Arizona. The Bills are a good all-around football team, and the Cardinals made them look awful in nearly every aspect. Not to mention that Adrian Wilson may be paying Tony Romo a visit this weekend.

So, yeah, Cards fans ... please don't sell those tickets. You deserve this.

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