Brock Lesnar Storms Out of ESPN Interview When Subject Turns to Steroids

Brock Lesnar, the massive NCAA champion wrestler turned pro wrestler turned mixed martial arts fighter who will fight Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight title next month, was profiled on the ESPN show E:60 tonight:

ESPN correspondent Tom Farrey started to ask about performance-enhancing drugs, prompting Lesnar to storm out of their interview.

Farrey said in the voiceover, "Lesnar's physique also raised big questions about steroids."

The viewers then saw a portion of Farrey's interview with Lesnar in which Farrey said, "You're just so big and you come out of pro wrestling," and was then cut off by Lesnar saying, "That's it. We're done. Thanks, guys," and walking off.

A moment later, Lesnar is shown saying, "I know what he's asking. I have never failed a f---ing drug test."

The profile also showed UFC President Dana White saying, "In this day and age, with everything that's going on with sports, if you're taking steroids you're a moron." And Farrey noted that UFC fighters are drug tested. So it's not like this was an attempt at gotcha journalism by Farrey.

Which is why I don't get why Lesnar didn't just sit down and answer Farrey's questions. The bottom line is that every big-time athlete has to be ready for steroid questions in this day and age, and the calm, even-keeled way that Usain Bolt answers the questions would be a good model for Lesnar to emulate.

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