Bobcats Extend Offer Sheet to Carl Landry

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Late off-season additions are usually either huge busts or genius steals. The Charlotte Bobcats are making a gamble right up that alley by extending an offer sheet to Rockets restricted free agent Carl Landry.

Landry was a vital part of the Rockets' epic 22-game winning streak, and became a fan favorite for his effort and surprising offensive and defensive versatility. But when the offseason came, Landry balked at previous offers by the Rockets for considerable money given his one season of production. On top of that, there were numerous reports that the Rockets had concerns about his right knee, which he's had trouble with throughout his career.

The offer is for $9 million over three years, which puts it in the range that Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey had said he would match, which the Rockets have seven days to do. When I asked Morey in July whether he thought Landry would be back with the Rockets next year, he remained impassive regarding the situation. The fact that that Rockets took so long to resolve the issue could indicate that the injury concern is enough to make Landry's value dubious.

But for a Bobcats' franchise desperately in need of a spark to lift itself out of mediocrity and possibly provide some cushion for the enormous .... ahem ... weight Sean May must carry upon his return, this could be a gamble worth taking.

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