Bill Walker Is Trying to Make a Name for Himself by Irritating Those Who Already Have

We're barely three games into the pre-season, and I'm already tired of hearing the name Bill Walker. It's not that I don't appreciate the youngster's talents, because I do: he's clearly got some skills or he wouldn't be on the court for the World Champs, even in these exhibitions. What needs to stop though is the unnecessary taunting of legitimate NBA All-Stars after making plays that might have been spectacular at Kansas State, but are simply average at the NBA level.

Walker gave LeBron James an unnecessary shove after a mediocre dunk the other day, then took exception to getting knocked down by Tracy McGrady after he had delivered a hard foul to T-Mac on the other end first. Video, via BDL.

As you saw, things escalated to the point where T-Mac and Eddie House were both ejected, and apparently things stayed heated throughout the game, with Yao getting into it with Walker later and Paul Pierce and Ron Artestgetting down as well.

Dude, it's pre-season, and you're a rookie. Stop starting brawls in the first quarter and show a little respect, my man. Unless of course, being an unlikeable front-runner with an imaginary chip on your shoulder is a pre-requisite for making the team. In which case, I completely understand ... especially when that team is the Celtics.

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