Baron Davis Doesn't Think Gilbert Arenas' Take on Obama's Tax Cuts Is Entirely Accurate

What's the only thing better than an athlete talking about politics? That would be another athlete calling the first one on his political viewpoints. Which is what Baron Davis did on his most recent blog at Yardbarker (gracias, Stet), in response to Gilbert Arenasstating that Barack Obama's tax cuts on the rich were a little steep.

(I know he said he's gonna raise the taxes on the top income bracket, Gil, but if he uses that money to improve our schools then you won't have to worry about some kids trying to sell pictures of your pool online cause they couldn't get a better job.) LOL

Obviously that's not an entirely serious dig at Gil -- but Baron's post is pretty Obama heavy, including links to various "Register to Vote" type places and a discussion of Barack's plan to invigorate the educational system.

And not to overstep my bounds at a sports blog here, but Gil does have a pretty valid point regarding income and political preference; besides it's not like McCain is raising taxes on anyone (his plan calls for cuts across the board while Barack intends to skyjack the wealthiest 1%'s annual taxes).

The point of all that being that it's kind of bizarre to see someone like Baron hold out and then go play for another team over the issue of many more millions of dollars ... when clearly he feels that the government should be in charge of that money anyway. Or maybe he just saw the tax cuts coming and wanted to make sure he had enough cushion.

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