Approximately 59% of Ohioans Prefer an OSU Win Over Michigan to Economic Prosperity

I understand that polls are fickle beasts. If you look at a FOX news Presidential poll versus a CNBC Presidential poll, you'll likely get different results. Whatever, that's the nature of demographics and what not.

But that is zero excuse for the results -- via Shysterball -- of a recent poll on Buckeyextra, the Columbus Dispatch's "Home for Ohio State Sports".

Ohhhhhhhhhkay. Breathe. Actually, just go ahead and scream. Bear in mind that I just voted "YES" and that when Shyster posted this at 3:13 P.M., it was 58% that had voted "NO".

In other words, as all of these people, who are being totally screwed out of tons of money and losing their inheritances and losing their retirements and having their homes foreclosed on are getting off of work, they're coming back and voting "NO".

This is a sporting event we're talking about people. And one made all the more meaningless by the fact that neither team is winning a national title, and even if they had a shot, they'd get whipped by SECS. (The last "S" stands for "Speed".) And this isn't a break even scenario for the economy either; we're talking about a gain of 4,000 points for the stock market and American economic stability re-realized.

It's sad and depressing. But at least I get to add another reason to the "List of Why I Won't Ever Move to Ohio".

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