Andrei Arlovski vs. Fedor Emelianenko: Can Arlovski Finish What Kazuyuki Fujita Started?

Assuming that Andrei Arlovski does, in fact, fight Fedor Emelianenko at the next Affliction show (and with Affliction, nothing is a safe assumption), we'll be treated to the sight of the best heavyweight in the world taking on the best striker in the heavyweight division. And that has me thinking about what was, probably, the hardest punch Fedor has ever taken, against Kazuyuki Fujita:

The brutal right hand from Fujita comes three minutes into the above video, and Fedor briefly looks like he's about to be beaten, before he recovers and eventually chokes Fujita out. So can Arlovski deliver the kind of strike that will wobble Fedor, and then follow up with a combination that could knock him out?

I have my doubts. As impressive as Arlovski has looked on his current five-fight winning streak, none of the guys he's beaten (Marcio Cruz, Fabricio Werdum, Jake O'Brien, Ben Rothwell, Roy Nelson) can withstand an onslaught the way Fedor can.

Arlovski's striking coach, Freddie Roach, told me he thinks Arlovski has the striking ability to beat Fedor. I disagree, but it'll be fun to find out -- if the fight ever happens.

Bonus: If you watch the above video, you get to hear Bas Rutten say the words, "kick to the head." That's always fun.

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