Amid Laughter, Cincinnati Mayor Demands Fan Support for Bengals

There are three weeks left until election day, so I figured it would be a nice time to get political on you.

Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory has been used to being a laughingstock. Remember, he threw out the worst first pitch in history. Now everyone is laughing at him for his devotion to the Bengals.

During a get-together with local media, Mayor Mallory got on the defensive about his hometown NFL team.

"It is very important that we continue to support the Bengals, even when they are having tough times," he said. "They need our support more than ever. So I don't know why you guys are giggling and laughing." (in response to titters from a couple of the reporters) "I'm very serious, OK? I support our sports teams. We have to support our sports teams."

It is that kind of blind devotion that has this franchise in the shape that it is in. Bengal fans want to support their team, but love is a two-way street. Fans don't think the organization cares about winning. Why should fans care about the team?

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