After LaVar Arrington Calls Out Joe Gibbs, Clinton Portis Sticks Up for Former Coach

Last week, former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington unloaded on Hall of Fame head coach, NASCAR sugar daddy, and all-round swell guy Joe Gibbs. Arrington called Gibbs a "coward" and suggested the only reason he returned to coaching in 2004 was to pimp his racing team.

Predictably, just about everybody sided with Gibbs, and now that list includes current Redskins running back and former Arrington teammate Clinton Portis.

Portis appeared on Michael Irvin's radio show and offered this (via the Sports Bog):

"I think Coach Gibbs one of the best men you could ever be in life," Portis said. "I think he's one of the best men as far as guidance, or the way he live his life, an example of a true champion. And you know, the other guy [added], I can't speak for why he would come out and say that. I don't know what's on his mind, I don't know what it is. But I think, and the guys around this team think Coach Gibbs was a great guy. I think he changed a lot of our lives as far as getting the onus [on] being a man and taking the lead and putting it on you. Making you tougher, making you understand right from wrong, trying to get guys to live for God and give their life to Christ, and I think that's the guidance you need.

"You know, a lot of people would say he didn't succeed in his return to D.C.," Portis continued, "but I think he put together this team that we have right now that's winning. So I think he did his part. You know, it just wasn't our time for us to win, but I think he left a great foundation for Coach Zorn and we're on the right path."

After some water and a Clif bar, Portis continued:

"I'm just saying LaVar, I don't know why he would come out and say that," he said. "If he's got mixed emotions about Coach Gibbs, that's him. I don't know. To me, to the guys that I know around here, I think Coach Gibbs meant a lot. Whatever happened between LaVar and Coach Gibbs, I don't know about."

Fair enough. I will say, though, that Arrington had a very public falling out with Dan Snyder, the Redskins diminutive owner, whom he felt tried to screw him out a couple million dollars on his contract. And more than a year ago, Arrington admitted that he "hated the way ... Gibbs handled [his last few years in Washington]."

So while I get that Arrington is frustrated with how things played out in D.C., here's the thing: disgruntled former employees always come off looking bitter and vindictive. Yeah, we get it, Snyder sucks. Nobody disagrees. And maybe Gibbs did treat you like crap, but let somebody else tell that story. Otherwise people start calling you MeAngelo.

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