A Look at the Manhattan Beach Homes of Tony Gonzalez and Other Star Athletes

As far as locations go, Manhattan Beach, CA might be the top choice of places to live by athletes from a variety of sports. The nice neighborhoods, beautiful weather, and close proximity to Los Angeles are all things that seem to make living here a no-brainer. If you're a star athlete that can afford it, that is.

The community has been home to many athletes over the years, including the three we'll feature today. First we have Tony Gonzalez of the Kansas City Chiefs. His rooftop deck (pictured above) is the highlight of his place, and as such it can be yours for the low price of just under $4 million.

More photos, including shots of the homes of Derek Lowe and Jason Kendall, after the jump.

Jason Kendall's place is a little further from the ocean (but still within walking distance), and because of that his place is a lot more spacious: it's a whopping 7,400 square feet, and it'll set you back an equally whopping $7.3 million.

Last but not least we have Derek Lowe's 4200 square foot casa, a Spanish-style place that you can have for only $5.7 million. I'm sure it beats the heck out of anything that Boston could have to offer.

Click on over to Luxist.com for even more spectacular photos.

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