ESPN Predictions Dismal for Redskins

Many Washington Redskins fans recently opened up the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine only to come across some very disconcerting news.

The NFL predictions are out and they have the Redskins finishing at 2-14. The two wins? Against St. Louis and Minnesota? Not a single division win? C’mon!

Keep in mind, these are computer generated scores from sports betting site AccuScore. (ESPN Magazine clearly states this.)

Skeptical readers might ask, “Well, how accurate were ESPN’s picks last year?”

Last year, the magazine had Washington finishing last in the NFC East at 3-13. The Skins did them two better and finished at 5-11 -- still last in the division.

The Redskins were undersold before the start of the season last year, so fans hope it is a trend that will continue -- with a bigger gap between predicted and actual results this year.

Did the addition of Robert Griffin III go unconsidered as the Skins’ season forecast is even dimmer this year than last? Maybe his confidence is a little too contagious and Skins fans are hopping on the bandwagon prematurely.

“I plan on being successful, and I hope the Redskins will join me in that battle,” Griffin told Fox News after he was drafted. “I have to be a professional, and I plan on doing my job at a high level.”

Those words hold weight with constantly disappointed Skins fans, especially coming from a Heisman winner fresh off a monster year at Baylor.

Maybe we're taking the safe approach, but we prefer to sit back and let the season play out. We'll keep the predictions in the backs of our minds, but perhaps the Redskins can carry some of the D.C. magic from the Nats’ great season into their own.

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