Dwight Howard Plays Wizards Fan 1-on-1 During Roof Delay

The Washington Wizards' game against the Houston Rockets was delayed twice -- once at the start of the second quarter for 35 minutes and again before the start of the second half for 22 -- by a leaky roof at Verizon Center. Officials laid down towels and placed trash cans in the vicinity of the dripping water in what was surely the first-ever rain delay in NBA history.

As the leak was attended to, Rockets center Dwight Howard attempted to make the best of the peculiar situation, pulling 10-year-old Sandro Dussek from the front row and challenging him to a game of 1-on-1.

As you can see, Howard is sort of a jerk, picking on somebody who was his size about 20 years ago. Seriously though, it was a nice gesture and left little Sandro speechless:

Sandro was asked a few minutes after playing Howard, What was it like? 

“Fun!” he said.

What about when Howard blocked your shot?


Once the game resumed, the Wizards, despite rallying from 25 down in the second half, fell to the Rockets by a 114-107 score.

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