Don't Mess With Danny

Snyder's whistleblower alleges retribution

They say you can't fight city hall.  Well, apparently, you can't fight Dan Snyder either.

Hogs Haven points to a story in a WV paper about how the whistle-blowing NPS employee who tattled on Danny Boy is claiming harassment from his Interior Department overlords.

Way back in 2005, Robert Danno, who worked for the C&O National Historical Park, threw a penalty flag on his superiors when he noticed 130 bird-filled trees missing from Snyder's Potomac-side estate.  Snyder's giant mansion has an NPS easement, which requires approval for any sort of change to the property.

The Interior Department's Inspector General said that -- surprise, surprise -- Snyder had improper access to high-level park people that helped him circumvent the regular approval process in his attempt to clear cut the forest behind his property so that he'd have a better view from one of his 143 bathrooms.  Snyder's actual excuse was the installation of a backyard geothermal system that would prevent later clear-cutting with heavy equipment.

Either way, it made the Lorax cry.

In the wake of that report, Danno is claiming that he was demoted and given lesser responsibilities.

He also alleges that he was unfairly put on trial for having NPS property at his house.  Danno was ultimately found not guilty largely on the testimony of fellow NPS employees that they often had to bring small pieces of equipment home to store for their daily use.

Danno's attorney told the paper that he showed, "dedication to ... agency resources ... and we believe that he should have been embraced for his courage to come forward. Unfortunately, he has been retaliated (against) repeatedly."

While nobody's alleging that Dan Snyder had anything to do with the actions toward Danno, it might make those season-ticket holders tucked behind concrete pylons think twice before opening their mouths again.  Keep quiet.  Or else.

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