Don't Blame the Kicker

OK, blame the kicker

Oh sure.  Take the easy way out.  The simplest thing in the world for a Skins fan to do, in the wake of yesterday's one-point loss to the Cowboys, is to blame poor Shaun Suisham

Sure, ol' Short Leg missed two field goals, but it's Shaun Suisham.  That's what he does, even if he somehow managed to start 12 for 12 this season.  He's not Mark Mosely.  Heck, he's probably not even Chip Lohmiller.  OK, he's been pretty good this year, but every now and then we'll win 10 hands in a row at the blackjack table, too.  That doesn't mean we're going to be rich if we keep playing.

Besides, you could blame the offense.

Secondary Coach Jerry Gray, when asked by Comcast SportsNet what his defense needed to do differently, responded, in part, by saying that they needed to score more than two field goals.

Or you could blame the defense:

An anonymous player complained to 106.7 that the team doesn't blitz enough, and that Greg Blache "does what he is comfy with."

(Although complaining about the quality of the defense on a day where you hold the Cowboys to 7 points probably isn't the best course of action.)

You could blame the coach:

As per their usual, the ZornStars burned through their timeouts.  But at least Zorn takes the blame, or something.  (We can't really figure out what he's saying here.)  "I absolutely have no idea how it happened. On the second timeout, that was so frustrating to me. . . . We got caught on time again. I had to call timeout. It's totally mine, on me, [I] screwed us out of a timeout. I did everything I could to maintain my composure. It absolutely [was] an issue at the end of this football game."

But, nah... it's so much more easy and fun to blame Suisham.  The guy has one job: put the ball through the uprights.  And what'd he do?  Shanked 'em.  Thanks for nuttin', you bum!

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