DJ Zimm to Rock DeAngelo Hall

D.C. hasn't seen a pairing this great since Lincoln and Seward

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If one were to make a list of cool D.C. athletes who you'd want to have throw you a birthday party, you would probably make it to about No. 127 before listing Ryan Zimmerman.

But that's what makes DeAngelo Hall such an interesting dude. You never know what kind of crazy stunt he's going to pull. MeAngelo's celebrating his birthday tonight, and the cliched, glitzy over-produced ad trumpets the fact that Mr. Zimmerman (henceforth, DJ Zimm) is the "special guest host."

Exactly what duties does a special guest host have over a regular guest host? We certainly hope it doesn't include a speech. As anyone who's ever seen DJ Zimm give an on-camera interview, he's about the most boring human being on earth. His typical interview has all the passion and excitement of a hostage videotape.

Even Crash Davis thinks the guy uses too many athlete cliches. "I'd like to thank DeAngelo for taking his birthdays one year at a time..."

What other responsibilities does the special guest host have? Nationals Enquirer wonders if DJ Zimm will "also be doing magic tricks and making balloon animals for the kids."

If you're free tonight, feel free to head over to Shadowroom. If you're not, wait a few weeks until Special Guest Host Tom Poti hosts Shaun Suisham's birthday party. Or you could hold out until Fabricio Oberto is the Special Guest Santa at Ben Olsen's Christmas Party.

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